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Why Hire A Consultant?

Good Question.

How can Hiring a Facility Services Consultant Help You?

If you’ve never hired a consultant to assist you in outsourcing your janitorial contract, you may be wondering how such a service could benefit you and your property.

Facilities professionals that choose to hire a cleaning services consultant or adviser may do so for many reasons. They may not feel they have the time or the in-house resources to do the job effectively. They may be new to their position or organization, and want guidance. They may want the credibility and expertise that comes along with hiring a consulting professional.

If you’re still on the fence about bringing on an adviser to help with your outsourcing project, you should know that the right consultant will work with you to help you cut costs, and improve the level of cleaning quality you receive from your cleaning contractor. The most valuable tools a janitorial consultant brings to the table are experience and expertise. An experienced janitorial consultant has managed many outsourcing processes and is familiar with the language and details involved in facility services contracts. They can help you navigate the process, and catch details you’ve overlooked.

Outsourcing a facility services contract is a time-consuming process, with far-reaching consequences. By hiring a janitorial consultant, you ensure that you will complete the process in a timely fashion, with fewer errors and more benefit to your company.

A benchmark inspection of your cleaning services by a qualified consultant is another way to see the types of cost savings and quality improvements you can receive by hiring a consulting professional to manage your outsourcing bid process. If you’re interested in learning about a benchmark inspection for your facilities contact us, we would be happy to talk.


ISSA Interview Series

In this short video Vince Elliott discusses what buyers are looking for in a contract and explains the Four P's of cleaning contracts.

In this short video Vince Elliott discusses how the industry is changing from the buyers point of view and touches on performance versus task frequency contracts.


Spec Optimizer
Create an Optimized Cleaning Program in Minutes.

Having to choose between a clean facility and an affordable contract isn’t a choice at all. Now, SpecOptimizer makes it easy to create a custom cleaning program, optimized for your best results in minutes.

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RFP Advisor

RFP Advisor
Services for every step of the proposal process.

Elliott's RFP/Bid Advisor services provide buyers with a range of services spanning the RFP process. Whether your company is considering outsourcing or just reviewing your current process, Elliott has tools to assist you at every step.

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Inspection Services
Application and Services to Monitor Cleaning Performance.

Elliott's EA-Inspect application provides both self-service measurement and custom inspection service to monitor and improve the performance of your cleaning program.

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